4 Common Work-Related Activities You Should Be Paid For

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4 Common Work-Related Activities You Should Be Paid For

Work-related tasks can sometimes be difficult to identify. Sometimes, people don't even know what they're supposed to get paid for. In today's blog post from the law offices of James Hawkins APLC, we will go over four common activities that many workers throughout Southern California do without pay and should be compensated for! Keep reading to learn more, and contact us with any questions you may have about overtime laws today.

Delivery driver loading packages into his truck

Pre-Work Activities Like Truck Warming, Loading, or Transferring

Loading and unloading packages from a delivery truck is often considered part of the workday for those that are employed as drivers. However, many drivers are only paid for travel time. The time you spend warming up your truck in the morning, loading packages for delivery, or transferring deliveries from one location to another should be compensated in addition to travel time.

A woman fixing a project for her job

Reworking a Project

Many people end up working overtime without pay because they're asked to fix something that wasn't done correctly the first time around. If this is part of your job description, then you should be compensated for it like any other work-related task.

Employees in an office working late

Staying Late to Help a Customer

There's nothing wrong with your customers asking questions or even providing feedback about a product after they have received it. However, if you're staying late to help them because of their own lack of organization and time management skills, you should be getting compensated with overtime pay for the time you spend helping your customers.

Employees preparing to open a store early in the morning

Arriving Early to Begin Work

In some workplaces, arriving early to set up before customers or clients come in is considered the norm. If this applies to your work environment and you're doing it without overtime pay, then contact our California overtime lawyers today!

There are many things that could be considered part of a person's job description but aren't being compensated with overtime pay. Unfortunately, this is especially common in workplaces that are unaware of overtime laws and their own responsibilities under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If you need help with overtime laws in California, contact the law offices of James Hawkins APLC in Irvine today.

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