4 Types of Wrongful Termination To Be Aware of In California

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4 Types of Wrongful Termination To Be Aware of In California

Being wrongfully terminated can take a massive toll on your life. Fortunately, there are wrongful termination attorneys who specialize in righting the scales of justice and getting you the compensation you deserve. Keep reading to learn more about four types of wrongful termination in California, and contact The Law Firm of James Hawkins, APLC to book a consultation with a wrongful termination attorney today!

Termination of employment letter with judge's gavel

California Wrongful Termination for Breach of Contract

Unless you are an at-will employee, your employment agreement likely outlines the parameters for possible termination, such as “for good cause.” If you have this type of agreement, it could be wrongful termination for your employer to terminate your employment for any reason not stated in the agreement. It could also be wrongful termination if your employer states that your termination was based on the terms of your agreement, but is found to have terminated you for an unrelated reason.

woman holding clipboard with a man too close - harassment

Retaliation For Complains of Sexual Harassment

As a form of prohibited discrimination, workplace sexual harassment is against the law. It is your employer’s legal responsibility to provide their employees with a workplace free from sexual harassment, and it is also illegal for them to fire you for reporting sexual harasment or for instigating or participating in a sexual harassment investigation. If you have experienced sexual harassment, contact an employment attorney immediately.

woman working from home sick wearing mask

Retaliation for Taking Accrued Sick Leave

If you have been fired for using accrued sick leave, you need to contact an unlawful termination attorney right away. California law protects employees from employer retaliation regarding the use of accrued sick leave for existing health conditions as well as for preventative care for employees or their family members.

Woman looking at incorrect paystub -lost wages

Whistleblower Retaliation

It takes courage to call out unpaid wages, unpaid overtime pay, unpaid meal and rest breaks, and similar violations. If you were fired as a result of whistleblower retaliation, a wrongful termination attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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