Four Legal FAQs About Minimum Wage

Four Legal FAQs About Minimum Wage

When it comes to wages and getting paid, there are all kinds of laws and regulations that can make figuring out important factors difficult for employees. Whether you’re concerned that you’re being underpaid by your employer or you simply want more information about minimum wage, James Hawkins Class Action Attorneys is here to help you with four commonly asked questions about minimum wage in California.

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What’s The Difference Between The Local, State & Federal Minimum Wage?

Local minimum wage is determined by the laws of the city or county in which your company is located, State minimum wage is set by the legislature set in place by state law, and federal minimum wage is determined by country-wide laws. These may differ, and can affect companies in different ways depending on multiple factors related to employee location, company headquarters location, and more.

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Are There Exceptions To Paying The Minimum Wage?

There are some exceptions, yes. Employees who are exempt from the minimum wage law include outside salespersons, family members of the employer, and apprentices. However, this exception may apply to others or may not apply those listed above, so it’s important to understand all factors at play regarding minimum wage in every situation.

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May An Employee Work For Less Than Minimum Wage?

No, there are no situations where the obligation to pay at lease minimum wage to an employee can be waived by either the employer or the employee. This is set in place to protect both employers and employees and to ensure fair and equitable payment for employment.

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What Can You Do If Your Employer Doesn't Pay At Least Minimum Wage?

If you work for an employer that isn’t paying you at least minimum wage for your work, you can either file a wage claim with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, or file a lawsuit against your employer to recover your lost wages. In both cases, having the assistance of an experienced attorney can help, so contact James Hawkins Class Action Attorneys to discuss your case and get started with filing.

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