The Ultimate Guide to Proving Wrongful Termination


The Ultimate Guide to Proving Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination is a scary and painful experience to live through. It severely hinders your confidence and can seem as though you’ll never see redemption in your career in extreme circumstances. This is especially taxing on your mental health if you are dedicated to your career. Workplace discrimination is illegal and immoral. Thankfully, you have rights as an employee and may be able to prove wrongful termination against your former employer.

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Gather Your Employment Documents

Your employment documents will tell you everything you need to know about your terms of employment. They will detail your employer’s expectations. If anything is amiss, you may be able to prove that via these documents. For example, if your employer claims you missed a clause in your contract, you will be able to disprove their statement with your employment documents.

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Write Down The Details Of Your Termination

Try to remember every detail of what was explained to you when you were terminated. List who was there, who spoke to you, and what they said. Be sure to use as thorough language as possible. Moreover, try to avoid biased terminology in your statements. Try to view the situation objectively, from an outsider’s perspective.

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Determine If You Are/Were An At-Will Employee

Unfortunately, at-will employees have a more difficult time proving wrongful termination than those who are not at-will employees. At-will employees do have some protections in place, but they do not win all cases. However, it is still worth it to explore your options as an at-will employee if you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated.

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Were Any Laws Broken?

You or your employer may have broken laws when they wrongfully terminated you. This can be with compliance, overtime, or any other labor laws that are in place in their business. Be sure to assess the situation to confirm that no illegal activity took place between any of the parties who were involved in the wrongful termination.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it — being wrongfully terminated is awful. There are several different scenarios in which wrongful termination can play out, and many of them revolve around discriminatory practices. If you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against at work, please contact James Hawkins APLC. We’ll help you win your case.

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