What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

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What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

Are you involved in a class action lawsuit or settlement or are just curious as to what they are? You've come to the right place — the experts here at James Hawkins APLC have put together this quick review including some frequently asked questions about class action lawsuits.

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What Makes Them Different From Other Lawsuits?

Class action lawsuits are a type of lawsuit that is filed by a group of people, or "class," who have been injured or wronged in the same way by the same person or entity. They can be brought by anyone harmed in the same way by the same defendant. This usually means a large group of people who have been injured in the same way, such as by a defective product or the wrongdoings of an employer. However, there are some exceptions, such as when a class action is brought by shareholders of a corporation who allege that the corporation's management breached its fiduciary duty. At James Hawkins APLC, we can help you determine if a class action lawsuit is right for your circumstance.

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Who Files Class Action Lawsuits?

In a class action lawsuit, one or more people serve as representatives of the larger group. These individuals are called "class representatives." The class representative(s) file the lawsuit on behalf of everyone in the class, and all class members are automatically part of the lawsuit. If you're unsure of who should be filing the class action lawsuit you're involved with, get in touch with our team of attorneys at James Hawkins APLC — we're here to help.

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When Are Class Action Lawsuits Filed?

Class action lawsuits are usually filed once all parties agree on a settlement and present their case to the court for approval. However, a class action can also be filed before a settlement agreement or before a settlement is even offered by the accused, but only with the court's permission. Once the court approves the class action lawsuit, all eligible plaintiffs are then considered "class members" and the lawsuit is officially filed. At James Hawkins APLC, our team can help you determine if a class action is the right path for your complex litigation and when to file the lawsuit.

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What Else Do I Need to Know?

Each state has its own laws that limit the types of class action lawsuits that can be filed and the damages that can be awarded. For example, in California, the statute of limitations states that class action claims must be filed within 6 months to 1 year of the incident. So, it's important to not only know how much time you have depending on your case but also to get the timing right so that your lawsuit gets a better chance for approval. There are many other things to consider, including potential limits for how much an individual may receive in a lawsuit, so it's always best to consult with a professional attorney. James Hawkins APLC can help you better understand this complex area of law.

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