What To Do If You Are Denied Sick Leave

What To Do If You Are Denied Sick Leave

Working in the state of California means that you as an employee are entitled to certain rights, and paid sick leave is one of those rights. However, not every employee understands their rights, what they are entitled to, or how to proceed if they’re denied sick leave. At James Hawkins Class Action Attorneys, our team is here to help employees like you know what you need in order to protect yourself and obtain the leave that you deserve. Keep reading to learn more about what to do if your sick leave is denied by your employer.

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Paid Sick Leave is Required by California Law

First, it’s important to remember that in California, the law states that employees are entitled to at least three days or 23 hours of paid sick leave per year. This is required by law and employers are obligated to allow employees to use this amount of sick leave within a year.

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Double Check Your Employer Policies

If you’ve been denied sick leave, the first step you should take is to double-check your employer policies and find sick leave law and regulation information for your area. The denial may be due to a policy violation, in which case your employer is likely not breaking any laws. However, if you are compliant with sick leave policies and requirements for your area and within your organization, your employer may be violating the law or regulations by denying the sick time.

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Speak With an Attorney

If you have found that your employer is violating the law or regulations surrounding your sick leave request and denial, then your next step is to speak with a legal professional. With the help of a professional who knows the laws related to this matter, you may be able to determine whether you are entitled to payments or reparations because of the denial.

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Work With James Hawkins to Settle Your Case

At James Hawkins, our team is dedicated to helping employees like you find justice and get the best possible outcome for situations like this. Whether your employer is wrongfully denying sick leave, you have been paid improperly, or they are violating the law in another way, we’re here to discuss your concerns and determine if you have a case.

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