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COVID-19 Pay Cuts & Wrongful Termination

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Have you faced any pay cuts or wrongful termination due to Covid-19? To solve these problems, you need to take legal action. That’s where we come in. Our employment attorneys make your legal fight painless. Give us a call to contact our lawyers and for a free consultation.

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If you think you were wrongfully terminated and can claim your employer with eligible reasons, we can help you. You can trust James Hawkins to seek the best possible outcome for your case. Our Employment Lawyers help the employees of California and across the nation fight legally against wrongful termination, pay cuts, or job loss due to Covid-19.

When an employer mistreats or breaches their employees’ rights, you will find us there. Moreover, some violations have time limits for filing a complaint, so don’t hesitate to seek legal advice. James Hawkins ALPC offers incredible services and provides you with the best lawyers who will handle your case with their vast experience and unyielding dedication, which will help you win your case.

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Why choose James Hawkins for your wrongful termination claim?

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James Hawkins is an excellent choice for your wrongful termination claim because of our experience. We have been providing adequate counsel for plaintiffs in class-action cases against employers for over 25 years. Furthermore, we think that knowledge is the sole potential and that execution is what makes it strong.

Clients come first, and our lawyers are committed to making decisions that benefit them. Therefore, we strive always to put our clients first and plan only those legal proceedings that have the best possibility of succeeding. James Hawkins' attorneys stay current on legislative changes to provide better services to their clients to aid with this.

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