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At James Hawkins Class Action Attorneys in California, we are committed to representing those who have been mistreated by their employers. One of the areas in which we support our clients is through minimum wage defense and settlements of unpaid wages. If you are an employee who has experienced underpayment, we stand by you and will do everything we can to help you earn the wages you deserve. Reach out to us today to get started with your California minimum wage lawsuit.

Defining Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is the minimum hourly rate by which companies must pay their employees. When it comes to actual amounts, the federal government has its own requirements and each state has its own minimum wage, but the state’s minimum wage must never drop below the federally set minimum wage. If you have any questions surrounding the nature of California’s minimum wage and the ramifications of being refused adequate pay, reach out to James Hawkins APLC today. We specialize in getting our clients the financial support they need to live a full life.


When to Pursue Litigation

When it comes to minimum wage, it can be difficult to know when you can pursue litigation. Rule of thumb? In California, if you are paid less than the California minimum wage, you are entitled to pursue compensation. As of January 1, 2023, that means that if you are paid less than $15.50 an hour and work for a company with 26 or more employees, you may be able to pursue a minimum wage lawsuit. There are some minute details surrounding minimum wage, however. So, if you suspect that you have not been adequately paid for your work, reach out to James Hawkins for more information regarding your questions about minimum wage lawsuits.


What You Can Win

When pursuing a minimum wage lawsuit, you may be entitled to damages. Damages are the amount of money you can receive in the event that you were underpaid as an employee. They come in many forms:

  • Unpaid Wages - This is a financial award that essentially just offsets your missed wages for the extent of your employment.

  • Interest - This is a financial amount equal to a legal interest amount set by the state. This amount varies depending on the intention of the employer and a few other factors.

  • Penalties - Here in California, the state requires employers to pay a “waiting time” penalty that covers 30 days of unpaid wages.

  • Attorney Fees - If you win your case, your employer is required to pay your attorney fees and these are included in the damages.

Whatever your situation, you can trust James Hawkins APLC to take care of you and your financial needs — getting you the most financial support possible.


Defend Your Rights With James Hawkins

Whether you are a waitress, mechanic, or in any other position in Orange County, California, we are committed to providing you with some of the best legal services in the state. If you have experienced job payment that is lower than minimum wage, it’s time to find compensation. No matter your situation, no matter what kind of damages you are pursuing, we can help you get exactly what you deserve. Don’t know where to start? We can help with that too! To find the right amount of settlement for unpaid wages and to effectively pursue a minimum wage lawsuit, get started with James Hawkins APLC today!