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Employment Law Services

Protect yourself from being exploited and overworked by your employer with an attorney who is well-versed in employment and labor law. At James Hawkins, APLC, our attorneys are experts in all aspects of these law fields and are ready to help you achieve the best possible results in your case. We help by getting a full understanding of your case and relevant laws, ensuring that you’re aware of what everything means along the way, as well. If you need a lawyer to help with your employment or labor issues, including problems with overtime, whether it’s regarding overtime pay rates or overtime hours, rely on our team.

Overtime Rates

Are you being paid the appropriate overtime rate? Many people are unaware of the exact laws and regulations regarding overtime, including if overtime pay rates are offered by their employer or if working overtime is strictly forbidden. Our attorneys will ensure that you are properly protected and compensated if you have ever worked overtime for an employer without receiving the proper pay rate or within the legally allotted hours. Contact our law offices in Irvine today for a free consultation.

Overtime Hours

Have you been asked to work off the clock? If so, you should not agree to do so. As long as you are a taxed employee working for an employer, you should be working your specified and agreed-upon hours — never anything extra without additional pay. In most cases, working more than 40 hours per week would constitute overtime and require additional pay for your labor. Be sure to cross-check your local laws with your employee handbook before signing and agreeing to it to ensure that your overtime rights are protected.

James Hawkins, APLC is a full-service law practice that specializes in all aspects of employment and labor laws. Our highly experienced, kind, and professional team provides state of the art legal services, while advocating for their clients vigorously. We’re dedicated to helping you with your employment law case, including if you’re having issues with overtime at your work. Get in touch with our team of attorneys for a free consultation so that we can get to know more about your case and start helping today.