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Has your employer ever not reimbursed you for the expenses related to your work? Did you know you’re allowed to claim any eligible expenses you make with your own money for work-related purchases? When you run into an issue like this, the problem needs to be fixed. James Hawkins is the best option to resolve this problem with legal action.

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How Does James Hawkins Help You To Claim Your Business Expenses?

Since Covid-19 hit, many companies have shifted to work from home. Despite greater work-related expenses for their employees, businesses might not offer reimbursement for work-related expenses. If you’re a work-from-home employee that has not been reimbursed for your home office expenses, then you’ve come to the right place.

To achieve the best outcome, we listen to you and help you through a recovery process, and legally claim tax relief. Our employment attorneys guide you in a whole process and proceeding while working hard to get the most satisfactory results possible.

Our employment lawyer will speak for your rights if your employer has not treated you fairly and tries to resolve the issue with the best possible conclusions. In addition, James Hawkins offers free consultation on critical issues.

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Our experience makes James Hawkins an ideal option. As a Law firm, we’ve provided superior service for more than 25 years. In that time, we’ve garnered a reputation for providing strong representation to our plaintiffs in class-action lawsuits against employers. Also, we believe knowledge is potential, and implementation makes it powerful.

We prioritize client satisfaction. Our lawyers are dedicated to making decisions that benefit our clients. We aim to always put our clients first and plan only those legal actions that have more chance to produce a successful outcome.

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In employment law, time is sensitive. Therefore, to book a free consultation, please contact us right away We will assist you with all your employer mistreatment questions and needs.

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