Manufacturing Industry Class Action Lawsuits

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The class action lawsuit attorneys at the Law Firm of James Hawkins APLC have successfully resolved cases in the hundreds of millions of dollars. This success shows that we understand how to build cases that stand the best chance of being resolved in your favor.

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For more than 25 years, the team of attorneys at the Law Firm of James Hawkins APLC have been fighting for employees who have been treated unfairly by their employers. Our experience and dedication to doing what is right for our clients means vigorous representation for your class action lawsuit.

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We have worked on cases in many industries, including manufacturing. Our familiarity with the industry allows us to find and deliver the evidence of an employer’s wrongdoing in a clear and effective manner. If you want better, safer working conditions or you and others have been treated unfairly, contact us for a consultation.

The Right Attorneys for Class Action Lawsuits in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing jobs can be hard to come by, and if you have one, you probably don’t want to lose it. But if you and others at your workplace are being discriminated against or treated unfairly, you may feel as though you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. At the Law Firm of James Hawkins APLC, we understand how difficult it can be to file a lawsuit against your employer. However, if there is widespread mistreatment occurring and you feel like something needs to be done, we would like to try to help.

Contact us as soon as possible to set up a free consultation. We will listen to your concerns, learn as much as we can about what is occurring, and help you make a decision about whether or not to file a class action lawsuit in California. Many of the offenses that an employer can be sued for have time limits, so don’t wait to reach out.

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The Process of Filing a Class Action Lawsuit

While there are several possible paths that a class action lawsuit can take, it generally looks like this:

  1. Filing the complaint and response to the complaint. This is where your attorney will file the complaint on behalf of the class. The defendant can then respond to the complaint.

  2. Discovery. During discovery, your attorneys will find the evidence necessary to support your case. This can include everything from collecting documents and data to reports from experts and depositions from those in the class.

  3. Certification. The certification process takes place after discovery. It requires the attorney representing the class to submit a request to the court that asks them to approve the action. If an action is certified by the court, it means that the suit meets all legal requirements and can proceed.

  4. Notification. After certification, all possible plaintiffs (anyone who has a similar claim) are told about the class action suit. They can then choose to join the class action, pursue a case on their own, or not get involved.

  5. Trial. If there isn’t a settlement between the parties after the notification stage, the suit will move to trial.

  6. Appeal. After the court rules, the party who lost has the opportunity to appeal the court’s decision to a higher court.

  7. Final order. A final order is the settlement amount determined by the court. The final order may also include orders from the court ordering the defendant to make changes to policies or behaviors that contributed to the lawsuit.

This process can take time. For that reason, as well as the complex nature of a class action lawsuit, it is important to hire a legal team that understands how to maximize the chances of success. The Law Firm of James Hawkins APLC is ready to take on your manufacturing industry class action lawsuit, so contact us for a free consultation.

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How Our California Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys Can Help

When you choose the Law Firm of James Hawkins APLC in Irvine to represent you and the others in a class action lawsuit against an employer, our team will work with you from start to finish. This process can be long and complicated, but when you have our team on your side, we will do the hard work of building a case the proper way.

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If you are employed in the manufacturing industry at a workplace that is unsafe or discriminatory, it is always a good idea to get legal advice from a team with the knowledge and experience to help you file a lawsuit. At the Law Firm of James Hawkins APLC, our team is dedicated to helping employees. Get in touch with us today to find out if a class action lawsuit is the right move for you and others who have been impacted by the conditions at your job.

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