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Are you receiving proper meal and rest breaks? Are you aware of the amount of meal and rest breaks you should receive per shift? Whether you’ve had your job for years or you just accepted an offer, you want to protect your rights as an employee. Ensure that you are not being exploited by your employer, especially when it comes to your allotted meal and rest breaks.If you need assistance or legal representation for matters involving the realms of employment and labor law, rely on James Hawkins, APLC in Irvine. Our team of experienced attorneys is well-versed in employment law and are ready and willing to help with your case. Contact us today to tell us more about your situation to see exactly what we can assist you with.

Meal Break Laws

There are specific laws and regulations for your employer to follow state- and federal-wise regarding your meal breaks. These laws may change but are usually dependent on what constitutes a full work day, similar to determining who is considered a part-time employee versus a full-time one. For example, a worker who works a 4-hour shift may be allowed a paid 10-minute break but not a lunch break, but an employee who works a 5+ hour shift would need to split that shift up and take at least a 30-minute uninterrupted meal break. Some employees may grant employees longer meal breaks, and some may grant them for that worker who only worked 4-hours, although meal breaks are usually not paid or included in the worker’s time on the clock anyway.

Rest Break Laws

Many employers and employees tend to skip over the rest break laws. For many employees, they may think that only their co-workers who take smoke breaks get paid breaks throughout the day, but this is not the case. Cross-checking your employee manual with state and federal laws, most employees will find that they are to receive up to two 10 to 15-minute breaks on the clock throughout their workday. With these rest break laws, some employers can start muddling the line between a bathroom break and a rest break and that’s where our experienced attorneys come in. Contact us to ensure that you’re getting the proper breaks throughout your workday and not being overworked and exploited by your employer.

James Hawkins, APLC is a highly coveted and experienced law practice that specializes in employment and labor law. Our professional team provides top-knotch legal services as we advocate for our clients with vigor and speed. We’re ready and willing to help you with your legal needs, especially when it comes to getting the proper meal and rest breaks that you’re allotted at work. Contact our offices in Irvine today for a free consultation.